Aldo Ezio Conelli
"detto il Moriggia”

“I feel painting becomes a silent music...”
“When my grandmother initiated me into painting as a small boy, I felt something like a candle-light in my heart...
It was a kind of ardour that helped me to give meaning to the concepts of God, of the world and of the human being. I felt there was the possibility of achieving a total presence within myself, that this was my one vocation and that I must obey.
I consider myself fortunate because Nature only grants one to be what one already is, and it is up to the person to realize or grasp this reality.
The marvel of music has fascinated me since I discovered that its beauty was secretly based on arithmetic with its harmony of numbers. But I experienced that signs and colours are the best means for me to express my intuition about the mystery of our existence, and therefore painting – more than music - has become essential for me to understand the ultimate mystery of our reality in time and in eternity.
I feel painting becomes a silent music, an uninterrupted concert that allows us all to approach the essence of things.
Also painting as creative act helps me seek the eternal part of myself together with those universal values - truth and freedom – that will accomplish us not only as artists, but as human beings.”
Aldo Ezio Conelli